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About Indie WriterFest.

Powered by YA Fantasy writer, Melissa Hawkes, Indie WriterFest is a virtual festival spread over two days in November which aims to work with self-published or independent authors. During the two days, you will be able to watch these authors host exciting workshops on topics from creative writing to marketing and self-publishing, as well as ask them your burning questions and further meet other writers in the community!

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Blue Skies

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Writing Playlists.

12 23.png

Playlist #1

A playlist made for relaxing writing sessions.


Playlist #2

For intense scenes and motivational purposes.


Playlist #3

An instrumental playlist made for writing sessions.

12 44.png

Playlist #4

The intense instrumental writing playlist.

Blue Skies

"Description begins in the writer's imagination, but should finish in the reader's."
- Stephen King

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