Special Welcome and Author Q&A
Hosted By Melissa Hawkes 
(With Special Guests)

Author Q&A Hosted By Kendra Thomas With Melissa Hawkes

Author Q&A Hosted By Alison Kimble With Melissa Hawkes

Author Q&A
Hosted By Ciara Duggan

Writing Flawed Characters
Hosted By Chloe Stevenson

Writing Multiple POVs Workshop
Hosted By Rachel L. Schade

Writer Wellness Workshop
Hosted By April M Woodard

Revised Editions & Publishing Mistakes Workshop Hosted By Kate Callaghan

Hook Them Or Lose Them Workshop
Hosted By Day Leitao

Author Q&A Hosted By Noelle Rayne With Melissa Hawkes

Author Q&A Hosted By E.J. Mellow
With Melissa Hawkes

How to Create Believable Magic Systems Workshop Hosted By Emmie Hamilton

Worldbuilding Without Info Dumping Workshop Hosted By Vanessa Rasanen