15 Writing Prompts for Fiction Writers

I have been so excited to do this post because I have found the most amazing images to help prompt you to write a captivating story! See below for the prompts!

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1. You pick up a glossy, crystal mirror and something stares back at you. Write a story about what stares back at you, and how you feel about it.

2. Suddenly, you hear a shaking in the bushes. A beast steps from behind the shrubs and glares at you. Write a story about what this beats looks like, and how does it react to your character watching it.

3. Look at the picture below. Write a story about it.

4. Write a story about a young woman finding a lost family member. Which family member is she searching for? How did she disappear? What was she leaving behind?

5. Write a story about a finding a portal that teleports you to another world. What is this world like? When did the teleport appear?

6. Look at the picture below. Write a story about it.

7. A witch tells your main character that they can revisit any memory of their past. Write a story about which memory they choose to visit.

8. Write a story about your crush's dangerous side.

9. Your main character lives in a world where they can trade dreams. Which dream do they want to trade and why?

10. Look at the picture below. Write a story about it.

11. Your main character is a small bee who has been tasked with finding a rare flower. Write a story about its journey.

12. Write a story about mysterious deaths happening around London and your main character is the villain. What does he do to evade capture?

13. Write a story about your main character waking up on a mysterious hovercraft in space. What kind of extraterrestrial being is flying the hovercraft? Where is your character being taken? What's the last thing they remember?

14. Your main character is trapped in a dream and can't get out. What happens? Why can't they escape? Will they survive?

15. Your main character has discovered a new way of communicating through telepathic powers. Write a story about how they communicate, who with and how the government is getting involved.