50+ Bookstagram Question Of The Day (QOTD) Ideas

As a writer and reader, it's a fantastic idea to utilise the bookstagram community to your advantage as these readers are largely your target audience. A common practise on Instagram that helps boost engagement is to add a question of the day (QOTD) to your caption. This question prompts those who read your post to comment their answers. Let's dive into some ideas as to what your QOTD could be for your next post!

Tip: Make sure you reply to every comment on Instagram for better engagement not only on the post, but on future post's too.

How to use hashtags correctly

What does a QOTD post look like?

A QOTD caption literally starts with QOTD: {Insert Question} followed by your answer of the day (AOTD). Here's an example:

Show me the list of QOTD ideas!

I got you! Without further ado, please find the ideas below.

  1. What's your Goodreads reading goal?

  2. Do you prefer hardback or paperbacks?

  3. What standalone book do you wish had a series?

  4. What genre have you never read but want to explore?

  5. What's your favourite standalone book?

  6. What's your favourite book series?

  7. Do you prefer to order books online or go to the bookstore?

  8. What's your favourite quote from a book?

  9. What's your favourite [genre] book?

  10. Do you prefer enemies to lovers, or friends to lovers?

  11. What's been your favourite book you've read this year?

  12. What's been the most recent indie author book you've read?

  13. Describe your favourite book using emojis, and let others try and guess!

  14. Who's your book boyfriend?

  15. Do you have a favourite snack whilst reading?

  16. Do you have a dedicated reading spot in your house?

  17. Do you prefer books with singular POV's or multiple POV's?

  18. Are you an early-bird reader or a night-owl reader?

  19. How many books in the colour [name colour] do you own?

  20. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or multiple books at a time?

  21. What book do you wish you could gift your younger self?

  22. What's the last book you added to your TBR?

  23. How big is your TBR list?

  24. What fantasy world would you most like to live in?

  25. If you could befriend one character in any book, who would it be?

  26. What's the last book that made you cry?

  27. Are you subscribed to any book boxes?

  28. What's the last book you read that has a map in it?

  29. What's the last eBook you read?

  30. If you were transported to the book you were reading right now, what would your life look like?

  31. If you could possess magic, what power would you have?

  32. Which genre have you never read?

  33. Do you read poetry?

  34. What's the last book bookstagram made you buy?

  35. What's the last book you preordered?

  36. What book is your most treasured?

  37. What books do you own that have been signed?

  38. Have you ever met an author? If so, who?

  39. Do you prefer books written in the first or third person?

  40. What book has your favourite cover?

  41. Who is your favourite book couple?

  42. Which book characters do you wish could meet?

  43. What is the most quote-worthy book that you own?

  44. What book character reminds you of yourself?

  45. What book title do you love?

  46. Do you own any bookish merch?

  47. Which book villain would you like to team up with?

  48. Which author would you love to meet?

  49. What are you most looking forward to this week?

  50. What are your weekend plans?

  51. What are you grateful for this week?

  52. Describe your week in emoji's.

  53. Do you keep a journal or diary?

  54. Are you a member of a book club?

  55. How close are you to meeting your Goodreads goal?

  56. What's your favourite season?

  57. What's your favourite holiday?

I hope you enjoy these QOTD ideas, and I can't wait to see all your wonderful posts!