How to Digitally Sign Your Books With Ingramspark

Hi everyone! I was filming this walkthrough for Instagram stories and thought why not share it to you, because I know a few who will absolutely love this feature! Digital signing your books means that you can sign a book without actually ever... signing... a book. How amazing is that? Find out how by watching the portrait video below!

This little trick is super easy to do and means that you can run international giveaways and competitions for signed copies of your book, without actually having to order shipping products and ship the book yourself - which is costly!

Of course, you will need to pay shipping via Ingramspark however Ingramspark have three printing locations around the world - UK, US and Australia, meaning that you can ship from different locations to cut the shipping costs. (Keep in mind that the US is a large country, and so some US shipping locations may still be costly even when printing from the Ingramspark US printing base.

The below videos teaches you how to use Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Powerpoint to cut-out backgrounds of images, and then upload that to Ingramspark via their 'Personalise it' option. I do mention that if you don't have Photoshop or Powerpoint, you can probably find apps or sites online that allow you to cut backgrounds from images. I hope you enjoy the below video!