How to Get Reviews for Your Book?

Book reviews do a number of things, like increase your credibility and persuade other readers to buy your book, which is why they're so important to any author, whether traditionally published or indie/self-published.

In this article, I'm going to list some ideas you could utilise if you want to try and get more reviews for your book.

How to use hashtags correctly

Use a CTA at the back of your book

This is a great idea and so easy to do! You can add an extra page at the back of your book asking readers to leave a review on Goodreads, BookBub and the retailer website they bought the book from. You can also have fun with the page and design it in a way that suits the theme of your book!

Send ARCs for pre-release reviews

I've mentioned before how ARCs should definitely be used when launching your book as it's a sure way to get early reviews for your book, which can help persuade other users to buy or pre-order the book.

ARCs stand for Advanced Reader Copies and, essentially, they are the final version of your book that gets sent to readers before the book's release. Ideally, you should send ARCs 1 - 2 months before the release. Click here for a guide to sending out advanced reader copies!

Email your mailing list

Sometimes, it doesn't hurt to ask for reviews! If you've been following along with my resources, you'll know that it's great to start building your email subscriber list, no matter what stage of publishing or writing you're at. Whether you have 10 email subscribers or 1000, create an email dedicated to reminding your subscribers to read your book (include links) but also review!

Promote incentives

Much like running a preorder campaign, it's a great idea to run a review gifting campaign! Ask your followers to leave an honest review, take a screenshot of it when it's live, and send it to you in return for a special gift! This could be merchandise, such as pin badges, letter from the author, a signed bookplate or it could be something digital, such as a phone background, chapters from the next book in the series, or something else!

Reach our to book bloggers

Book bloggers are often open to leaving an honest review for your book and posting it to their social media followings, which can stir up some great interest and PR for your book! You can find book bloggers on Google, groups and social media. Take #bookstagram on Instagram for example, there are so many bookish Instagram followers who build their followings purely on reviewing books so draft a message and send them off!

Use social media

As I said before, it doesn't hurt to ask for reviews and using your social media following is a great way to utilise this! Do a few stories and dedicate some posts to doing just that! You can even create social media graphics using sites like Canva or reaching out to graphic designers for author, like Danielle Greaves!

Find Goodreads reader groups

Goodreads is a great place to build a community for both authors and readers. There are tonnes of Goodreads reader groups dedicated to reviewing books so it's a great idea to join these and politely suggest that they consider your book for their next read. If you haven't already, you should also start building your Goodreads following by using social media, email and other marketing tactics to help pull readers to your Goodreads page. Start posting regularly to your Goodreads profile and encourage followers to ask your questions for you to answer!

Hold a discounted period

I don't recommend doing this for very long, I'd say 2 weeks to 1 month is long enough, but many authors like to discount their books, especially their eBook to increase sales which gives you a higher chance of gaining reviews for your book. Remember that by doing this, your royalties will be low for that particular month.