How to Grow your Email List as an Unpublished Author

The best advice I can give to any writer is to start marketing as if your book were out now. Make connections with other authors in the writing community, build your author website, create your blog and grow your email subscriber list.

You may be wondering, ‘how can I grow an author email list without a published book?’. You can, and if you want the best launch for your work, then you must.

How to grow my email list as an unpublished author

Here's why you should grow an email subscriber list as soon as possible...

Why do I need an email subscriber list?

An email subscriber list will be your solid sense of security. Think of it as your fan base, they’ll be the first to hear about your latest updates and are actually happy to hear from you. It also means you’ll be in communication with readers, where you can then promote your work and maximise the chance of getting book sales, engagement and publicity. Now, here’s how you can build one...

Sell your name, not your work

Your book isn’t out yet, so instead of selling work that may be over a year away from being released, sell yourself as an author instead. You should be making connections in the writing community, so your name should already be out in the community. Why should readers register their interest in you? What do you have to offer them?

Give readers a reason to sign up

No one will sign up to an email list if they’re genuinely not interested in hearing more. To grab their attention and entice them to sign up, give the readers a reason to. This could be weekly blog updates if you have a blog, or it could be a monthly newsletter which showcases other authors or book recommendations. You can maximise sign-ups but providing an opt-in gift, this could be an excerpt from your work, advice, book recommendations or something else. Just remember, if you’re going to create an opt-in gift think of your target audience and what would entice them into signing up.

Create a badass looking website

We buy with our eyes. If it looks good, we want it, which is why you’ll need a fully functioning and visually appealing website to encourage readers to sign up to your email list. Showcase your work, advice or blog and create a sense of trust with your readers. A few pages you should include would be a homepage, about page, FAQ page, latest news page, blog or podcast and contact page.

Write a good social post and ask authors to share it

Create a post on social media which is predominantly about your email subscriber list. List the benefits of becoming your email subscriber, which you should have outlined in the above 'give your readers a reason to sign up' point and then once you've posted it, then get in touch with your author connections and ask if they can share your post.

Host competitions and giveaway's

A sneaky and highly recommended way of gaining email subscribers is to host a giveaway or competition where by to enter, the user must sign up to your email list first. You could giveaway writing advice or offer the winner the chance to have their manuscript looked over by you. Either way, it's a given you'll grow email subscribers this way.