How to Market Your Audiobook

If you're on this article and you're not sure how to create an audiobook, view this article that shows you how to use Amazon's audiobook service - ACX.

Just like with physical versions of your book, you need to market digital versions, such as your eBook and audiobook. Anything that you can do to market your books generally, will probably work for your audiobook too, however, there are audiobook specific things you can do that I've outlined below, such as sharing snippets from your narrator to social media.

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Things you can do leading up to your release:

Let people know that it's coming

When your audiobook is in production, you want to let people know that it's being made and will be available soon so that you can start building the hype for your audiobook early. You could even share details such as who your narrator is, how you set that up, where the audiobook can be purchased, when it will be out, etc.

Create social graphics

Another way to build the hype for your audiobook is to create graphics to build the hype for your audiobook and share these on your social media. You can use sites like Canva that make creating these graphics really easy.

Do a live with your narrator

One way to build the hype for your audiobook release is to do a live with your narrator. This can be a live where you chat about the creation process, you could play fun games, talk about the book in more depth or host a Q&A. Ultimately, you want your followers to know that the audiobook will be out soon and you want them to feel excited about it.

Share snippets from your audiobook

When your narrator starts to upload chapters, you can screen record snippets from these and share them on social media. There are videos called audiograms which are basically a moving waveform over an image that plays a snippet from your audiobook. A great tool to create these is Headliner.

Run a giveaway

Another idea to get the word out about your audiobook is to run a giveaway. An example of this could be a social media giveaway where upon entering users must tag two friends and make sure they're following you. This not only helps new users see your post and know that your audiobook is coming, but it also increases your post engagement and overall following.

I am always hesitant to suggest giveaways where the end date is around the time of your release. Don't do this. The reason why I say this is because if people have entered a giveaway that ends say on your release day, or a few days after your release day, etc, they won't want to buy your audiobook straight away when it comes out because they'll be waiting to hear whether they have won or not. So, if you're going to run a giveaway, either end it before your audiobook is out and make sure you send the audiobook free code (available when publishing audiobooks with ACX) when you can. Or, refrain from running a giveaway until at least a week after your audiobook is available on retailer sites.

Market the first audiobook/books in the series

If the audiobook that you've made is for a later book in the series, a good idea is to market the books before that so that you can ensure people have read/listened to your prior books and by the time your new audiobook comes around, they'll be able to purchase. No one is going to buy an audiobook for the second book in a series if they haven't read or listened to the first, so keep this in mind!

Create an audiobook trailer

Sharing snippets is ideal, but why not take it one step further and create a trailer for your book using videos found from Pixabay and snippets from your narrator. You can use apps like Spice to piece together videos and create transitions, as well as adding narration on top. Then, share it on Instagram!

I'm quite embarrassed to share this as I've gotten SO much better with editing videos but click here to view a trailer I created for my general books (before the audiobook had been made) and shared to YouTube. Even though I made this for general books, the process is the same!

Things you can do on/after your release:

Update your website and bio (

When your audiobook starts to show on retailer websites, make sure you update your website so that you can direct those to directly purchase your audiobook. You may even want to create a specific landing page on your website dedicated to your audiobook that you can share.

Partner with influencers to spread the word

Influencer marketing is something that I've talked about before and I highly recommend all authors, whether they're self-published or traditionally published, to utilise. You can work with influencers such as those on #bookstagram to share a post to their grid feeds prompting their followers to buy your audiobook, in return for you sending them a free audiobook via redeemable code.

You can also do this if you're looking for honest reviews. Instead, make that the terms that they must adhere to (must add an honest review to Audible by a certain date) instead of a grid post on their feed.

Use paid advertising

Paid advertising does help a LOT if you're trying to get clicks through to something - in this case, your audiobook landing page, or a retailer page where they can buy the audiobook. When I run paid ads, I like to stick to doing this on Facebook only as that isn't a hashtag-based platform and Facebook don't push your posts with their algorithm, so it won't ruin your engagement.

Something that you need to be careful about with paid ads on other social media, namely Instagram, is that by running paid ads, Instagram will then lower the reach your hashtags gets and it won't push your posts out as much. This is because they want you to have to resort to paid ads in order to be seen, and thus earn them money. This has been tried and tested and it's commonly talked about but, of course, much like with shadowbans, Instagram denies this.

Give something away

Much like a preorder campaign, an idea to get more purchases is to give something away. This could be something physical (be aware that this will be costly) or it could be something digital which ties in nicely with the fact that it's an audiobook and not an in-person book.

All you have to do to start this is decide what you're going to give away and then do a post prompting people to send you a screenshot of their audiobook retailer order confirmation. You can then take down their email addresses, or physical addresses, and send the item(s) their way.

A few ideas of what you could give away include:

  • Character art

  • Book maps

  • Letters from you

  • Digital character art

  • Digital phone backgrounds

  • Digital games, puzzles or worksheets

  • Excerpts of new books, or upcoming releases

  • Exclusive bonus chapters or short stories

Use your giveaway codes

As mentioned, if you're publishing with ACX which is the main audiobook publisher via Amazon, you get 50 codes to share (25 US and 25 UK) directing users to download the book on Audible for free using the codes. You can give these to influencers, run giveaways, share with your friends or family, use them to get reviews and so much more. Be creative with how you want to use these and make sure you're not using them all at once.