How to market your book AFTER its release

So, you've read my post on how to market your book BEFORE its release and how to market your book DURING its release now it's time to market it AFTER. It's been quite some time since you release your book, but you still could push it for sales. Here's how:

Authors and writers, market your book after the book launch

Check-in with people who have purchased your book

Usually, when someone purchases a book, you'll be able to see their name and email (which they've used to get through payment). If they've said that they're happy to receive marketing emails, give them an email and ask them to review your book or recommend it.

Start a Referral Programme

A referral programme is a way to encourage others to share your book. You could create a referral form on your website, or you could ask all readers to email you a name and email of a friend, whom you can then email with your book. Make sure that you specify that the referred person has agreed to be contacted by you, in-line with GDPR.

Pro Tip: Use sites like to create a great referral graphic.

Make Use of Seasonal Events

If it ties in with your book, make sure to promote it on the week leading up to that event. For example, if you've written a romance novel, then make sure you promote it leading up to Valentine's Day. Do a big push for World Book Day and use these seasonal opportunities to attend book fairs and writers events, which brings me on to my next point...

Attend Book Fairs and Writers Expo's

Know of a book fair in town? Get in touch with the organiser and ask if you could display your book, or better yet do a book signing. If you're attending these events, make sure you bring a copy of your book and some flyers with you to hand out to eager readers.

Work on a Sequel (if it was planned)

An obvious way to promote your book, is if you've got a second or third part to the story. If you're promoting the second book in a trilogy, make sure to entice readers into buying the first book first and provide a discount for this.

Pro Tip: Don't just make a sequel for the marketing, if you didn't plan on making a sequel and don't particularly feel it would work with your novel then don't. Chances are, you won't be as focussed on the second novel as you were the first and thus it won't be received as well.