How to market your book DURING its release

So, you've read my post on how to market your book BEFORE its release and now it's time to market it DURING. Keep on reading for my top tips!

Prepare for launch day with these helpful marketing ideas

Donate Book Sales for a Good Cause

If you can afford for sales on your book, offer a percentage of the sales price to a charity close to your heart. For example, you could do an e-book promotion where 40% of your book profits will be donated to NHS workers.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

Once you've developed a social media following, it's a good idea to run a contest or giveaway like this:

Prepare for book launch day by running a contest or giveaway

You can offer a signed book with extras included, such as a poster and bookmark. The contest could be something to help with your next novel 'best character name' or the giveaway could consist of 'tag three friends and share the post for a chance to be automatically entered'.

Pro Tip: Ask other authors and influencers to share the post on their own page for more exposure.

Ask for Reviews

The more trusted a source is, the more likely someone is to buy into it. Gather a few copies of your book and mail it to influencer, authors and readers, asking in return for a review on Amazon or your website. If you didn't have a spare book to hand, you could also create a review on someone's book, in exchange for them reviewing your own.

Do a Book Signing or Radio Feature

Get in touch with a local bookstore, library or shopping centre and ask if they'd let you do a traditional book signing. You can promote this on your social media and those passing will be interested to take a look at your book. Another idea is to email local radio stations and ask if you can promote your book or have an interview.

Run Social Ads

Now that your book is out, it's prime time to pay for adverts on social media. You don't have to have a big budget for this. On Facebook, just £2 can get your advert seen by almost 1,000 people. Make sure you target your ads by filling in location, target age and interests.