My Favourite Pick-Me-Up YouTube Videos for When Writer Life Is Getting You Down

It's no secret that, at some point, everyone has a hard time with their hobby or career and writing is no different. The other day, I was feeling extremely stressed about my WIP and, in the end, I stumbled across the perfect YouTube video to pick me up. Let me tell you it helped! Here's a list of YouTube videos to help pick-you-up when writer life is getting you down.

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1. Good Writers Give Up (On Books) - Alexa Donne

This is the video mentioned above that really helped me when I made the incredibly difficult decision to shelve my WIP. So, if you're novel just isn't working for you and you feel like you should shelve it, check out the below video for support.

2. 5 Ways to Blast Through Writer's Block! - Abbie Emmons

Writer's block is every writer's worst nightmare but Abbie Emmons is going to help you through it with these helpful tips.

3. The Secret To Being Motivated To Write (and Finish) Your Book - Jenna Moreci

Jenna provides some great tips on how to stay motivated to write your book, because we all know motivation is key!

4. Writing Advice & Encouragement to Finish Your Book - Bethany Atazadeh

Bethany Atazadeh gives great advice and in this video she talks about plotting, editing, imposter syndrome and more.

5. Down About Writing? Writer Pep Talk - Alexa Donne

I've got another Alexa Donne video for you. In this video she provides encouragement to help you finish your books, editing, querying, traditional publishing and more!

6. Crushing Writing Goals + Dealing with Failure - Brittany Wang

One of my favourite Brittany Wang videos is this one which helps you crush your writing goals and deal with failure.

7. 10 Best Tips for Writing First Drafts - Jenna Moreci

First drafts are supposed to be messy but sometimes, when you're writing, you might not realise that. Or maybe you get a bad case of perfectionism (like me). Either way, Jenna Moreci has some great tips for writing your first drafts.

8. My Favourite Writing Techniques - Shaelin Writes

Shaelin offers some writing techniques that have definitely helped me with my journey. Check her video out below!