Social Media Post Ideas for Authors and Writers

Sometimes, especially if you're posting every other day or a few times a week, you can run out of content ideas pretty quickly. Don't worry, it happens to everyone and when this happens you can feel rather stressed because quite simply, you have no clue what to post! You know you should post something to stay relevant and keep engagement high, but you have no idea what to post. In this article, you'll find some helpful suggestions and ideas!

How to use hashtags correctly

What photos can you post to social media?

Photos of your book covers

If you're an author, you should be trying to build fan followers - people who read your book and loved it (and would love book content) as well as new readers who you want to convince to buy your book. Posting a photo of your book might help convince someone to join the hype and fan base and read along! To add, this doesn't have to be photos you took, you can also share the photos others have taken of your books to your account - just make sure you tag them and give them photo credit.

Photos of your book maps

Readers love artwork inside a book and so many books have some amazing book maps. Honestly, I could get lost in a book map and forget to start reading! You could share maps from your own books or some of your favourite maps from other authors you love.

Photos of your writing resources

Readers and other writers are always interested in your writing process. Not only does it inspire writers but it also is interesting for readers who like to know the ins and outs of how their favourite book came to be. Sharing some of your writing resources, whether that's websites, worksheets or special books you use, is a great content idea!

Photos of your notebook

Do you have some behind the scenes content to share from your writing notebook? Readers love to see this. Even just a picture of the front of your notebook can be exciting!

Photos of your writing desk

Your writing desk is probably one of the most beloved spaces in your house. And readers want to know how you wrote your book, and this includes where. Take some pictures of your writing setup for content.

Photos of you

Your followers want to see who is behind your account. People want to follow you for not just your books, but for you also because they're invested in you as a writer and want to keep up to date with your life, so make sure to show that side of you too!

Photos of character art

Fans of your book will love to see character art you've had made, or that others have made of your work. If you've got character art, definitely share it on your social media accounts!

Photos of your current read

Readers want to know what you're reading, and books that you're loving. You can also support some of your favourite authors, especially indie authors, by sharing their books on your page.

Photos of your bookshelf

Like the above, your followers want to know which books you've been reading and recommend. They also love bookish content, so airing a photo of your bookshelf totally fits that vibe!

Photos of your life

Your fans want to see what you've been getting up to, outside of writing. Share some photos of milestones you've achieved, or celebrations.

Graphics for promotions, upcoming events, cover reveals or quotes

If you're running a special promotion, or have an event coming up, you need to make that clear on your page. Creating promotional posts using Canva is a great way to display this message.

What text/captions can you post to social media?

QOTD (Question Of The Day)

I love QOTDs, as these help get conversations going with your exciting and new followers. This is a great way to increase your post engagement!

Book quotes

Whether your text includes quotes from your own book or from books you love. Book fans love a quote, as do writers!

Character descriptions/text from the character

Those who have read your book and loved it will probably be super invested in your characters, so sharing anything about them is ideal. I've seen some authors share descriptions of their character's but also captions written as if it was from the character. For example, you could introduce yourself as your character, and talk about what your likes and dislikes are.

Memories or stories

It's suggested to use longer captions where possible, as this increases the amount of time someone is on your post which can dramatically boost an algorithm (especially the Instagram algorithm). If you're stuck for a caption, you could tell a funny story or memory that comes to mind. For example, if it's Winter time, you could talk about a time when you broke your arm skiing, or when you slipped over on ice or anything else!

Share your goals

Writers like to see what goals you've set yourself this year and readers like to see if those goals include anything book-related that makes them excited. If Leigh Bardugo (my favourite author) shared her 2022 goal diary and it said 'Zoya Nazyalensky prequel novel publication date' on a later month in the year, I would freak!

WIP updates

Like the above, writers and readers want to know what's coming, so make sure you share your writing updates and keep them posted and excited!

Latest author and book news

Share the latest author and book news to keep fans entertained and inspire others to buy your book. Is your book placed at the top of the charts? Did you see it on the shelves of Waterstones? Did you do your first in-person book signing? Share the news!

Meet the author/writer posts

I love posts like these because they always seem to do well engagement-wise. Your followers like to get to know you, especially if they're new. Do a meet the author/writer post and share some fun facts! This also helps you connect with others who may share fund acts about themselves or have similar facts. Sometimes, you'll get comments from others just simply saying hello, which is lovely!

I hope you found these ideas helpful! If you need any help or advice, feel free to privately message me. Now, get posting!