What to Do on Your Book's Release Day

Do you have a book release coming up? You may not know what to do on the release day of your book but that's why I've compiled this list. Let me just say that the most part of your day should be spent celebrating. Pop a bottle of champagne, eat cake to your heart's content, and enjoy the day as you've accomplished something huge! Well done! Now, let's get into the resource.

How to use hashtags correctly

Update your social media headers and bios

If you've been running a preorder campaign, you may have banners that prompt your readers to preorder. Now that your official release date is here, you need to ditch those preorder banners and start celebrating the release of your book! Want to see the banner I added to my headers on release day? Check it out below!

Update your website

Your website would probably have things like 'Coming Soon!' on your site, or images prompting users to preorder however the book is finally here so these will need to be changed. Make sure you update your website with links to where they can directly buy your book.

Tip: Instead of creating multiple links, use sites like Linktr.ee to display one landing page with multiple links. Click here for an example.

Share a release day post

Make sure you take a picture of yourself holding your book to post to your social media accounts. Release day posts usually gain a lot of traction as it's your big day that others have been waiting for as well. Others will hopefully share your release day post to their social media channels, meaning that the post's reach will be higher and you have more of a chance of gaining followers and readers who are interested in the genre and blurb of your book.

As a general courtesy, make sure you're thanking all those who have supported you in your release day post. After all, support is key and it's wise to use this time to show your appreciation for others. Want to see what my release day post for Cloaked Shadows looked like? Click here to view!

Send an email to subscribers

If you've been reading the other articles in the resource hub, you'll know that I mentioned regularly how building an email subscriber list is key. Did you know that the average email conversion rate is just under 20%? This may seem like a low number, but believe me, it's not. Say that you have 500 email subscribers, 20% of that is 100!

Make sure you send an email to all your subscribers to let them know that today is your release day! Include the following in your email:

  • Pictures of your book

  • Reviews from ARC readers

  • Links to where your book can be purchased

  • Your book trailer

  • Links to your social media release day posts = more engagement

  • Giveaway's

If you haven't already, make sure you're subscribed to receive emails from me. You can subscribe by clicking here.

Run a giveaway

If you've downloaded my self-publishing checklist you'll see that I suggest doing all giveaways either on or after release day. The reason why I say this is because before that you want your readers to preorder and they won't do that if they're hoping they'll win a giveaway instead. Don't give them that hope!

You can increase reach and engagement on your social media posts by running a giveaway to win a signed copy of your book. Have this last only a few days, or a week as whilst you want the attraction you want it to be short-winded. This is because, again, you want to push them to buy the book rather than wait around to see whether they've won the giveaway. I see so many authors go wrong here so please don't fall into the same trap just because you may see other authors doing it.

Remind your launch team

You should have created a launch team in preparation for your release date, so now it's time to remind them to do what they signed up for and share, share, share about your book! Send them an email, a message, or put a post in your group chat, just make sure they know that it's your release day and politely ask if they can share your posts and engage with them as they agreed to upon signing up to be involved.

Share reviews from your ARC readers

Did you get some amazing 5-star reviews from your ARC readers? That's great to hear! Today would be a good time to share those reviews and show others why they should buy your book. Reviews can dramatically affect the conversion rate of your book. Have you ever gone to buy a product on Amazon but have been completely put off by the reviews? Yeah, me too so make sure you're sharing the good ones!

Write an announcement blog post

In order to gain traffic to your website through the use of SEO and article pieces, you should start a blog. A blog greatly helped my website in the early days, and I've since switched to making my blog for Patreon's only to provide me with an extra income stream as marketing a book can be expensive!

Not only should you write an announcement blog post letting others know that it's your release date, but you should also write a blog post on your Goodreads author profile! Growing your Goodreads author page will greatly help you in the long run, so definitely ensure you're updating this as often as you can.

Re-share all release day shout-outs and mentions

Thanks to your launch team and author connections you should have been making prior to your release, you should have a few shout-outs from others. Make sure you're re-sharing these to your story as you'll want to let users seeing your page that others are also excited about your release which may sway them into buying your book. Also, by re-sharing all the mentions you get you're encouraging more to share as they don't want to be left out and want to make sure you know that they support you.

Engage with others

One of my biggest marketing pet peeves is not replying to every comment you get. Many choose to do this as they want to seem like they are big enough to not see the comments, or just want to seem like they are more prestigious. I'm so against this, even when I'm marketing for corporate businesses because guess what? By ignoring your comments you're essentially putting those people off from commenting again because they know they're not going to reply to you. Don't let them feel this way, reply to every comment on your release day post and on future posts.

To add, when you reply to a comment it will include your reply in the overall comment counter. Say that two people comment on your post and you reply to both. Your comment counter will show that you have four comments and the more engagement you get on your posts the more the algorithm wants to push your posts to other people. Also, the more comments you get, the more it prompts others to comment.

Now, go and celebrate!

Lastly, and this really is the most important step, go and celebrate! You've spent months or even years working on your book, and now that it's out there in the world reward yourself for all your hard work. Let me be the first to say well done. Truly, you should take a moment to allow yourself to feel absolutely overjoyed.